Pôle sup' 93

The higher education pole centre of music Seine Saint-Denis is an artistic education institution, empowered by the French ministry of culture and communication to deliver a national professional diploma of musician (DNSPM), shared with the licence of Arts, major music, delivered by Université Paris 8.

Pôle Sup’93 offers a three year training program, leading to the DNSPM in partnership with Université Paris 8. At the end of this training, students can apply to a Master’s program in France, offered by National Conservatories of Music for Higher Studies in Paris or in Lyon, as well as in any EU country signatory of the bologna process.

The “CEFEDEM” Île-de-France is a higher education institution empowered to deliver the state diploma of music teacher (DE).

In 2015, CEFEDEM and Pôle Sup’93 will merge into a Public Institution for Cultural Cooperation (EPCC) : “Pôle Supérieur Artistique Aubervilliers-La Courneuve Seine-Saint Denis Île-de-France".

Since the start of the school year 2013, both institutions are directed by composer Marc-Olivier Dupin and organize a common entrance exam.

From the start of the school year 2014, training to State Diploma is available starting from the third semester of the DNSPM course and after an exam.

Pôle sup' 93
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