Collège international de philosophie

According to its founders in 1983 (François Châtelet, Jacques Derrida, Jean-Pierre Faye and Dominique Lecourt), philosophy should maintain strong links with all disciplines likely to stimulate thinking and to renew theoretical schemes : arts and literature, sciences and human sciences, economics, politics, law...

With this vocation, the system of the Collège involves teaching and research. Secondary school teachers, university teacher-researchers, CNRS or other scientific organization researchers rub shoulders with one another at the Collège. The Collège organizes seminaries, conference on priority themes which engages philosophical thinking and contemporary issues.

Thanks to international agreements, the Collège is linked with a plenty of international organizations working in the same kind of spirit as the Collège. Furthermore, its foreigner correspondents network keeps promoting international exchanges in the field of philosophy and critical thinking.

Its philosophical, scientific and research activity is moved by a collegial body of 50 program Directors (including 15 abroad).

Collège international de philosophie
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