INS HEA is a higher education institution which provides scholarship and training courses for players in support and educative accessibility for particular educative needs.

A national dimension

INS HEA is the only French institution completely dedicated to handicap and particular educative needs.

As a higher education institution, INS HEA acts for inclusive, social and professional education for people with disabilities.

A unique mission divided into three dimensions: research, training, and resources.

To extend multidisciplinary research

The “Gharpes EA 7287”, INS HEA research laboratory, analyses nationally and internationally policies and practices of schooling, education and training for people with particular educative needs. Its mission is to articulate teaching, research and resources production, so that education system players be able to answer the diversity of profiles and educative needs as well as to improve social and professional inscription of students.

Offer trainings for any inclusion players

INS HEA offers basic and professional training for professionals and private individuals to provide answers on questions such as accessibility or support.

Thanks to Its campus, INS HEA can welcome intern and students from France and abroad.

INS HEA is a member of the ESPE (teaching school) from Versailles.

Develop a reference resources pole

INS HEA intends to gather, to provide and to produce technical, pedagogical, and scientific resources for each scholar and social inclusion players.

This activity fits with the perspectives of the digital university project, led by the UPL Community.

An international dynamic

The area of competences of INS HEA fits with an international and European reflexion on schooling, professional training and social inclusion for people with disabilities.

The institute develops actions for cooperation and international exchanges, implement a strategy claimed onto European partnerships. This strategy will be enlarge, mainly towards south and north America, in order to analyze original inclusion policies.

Finally, INS HEA looks ahead countries where inclusive orientations are emerging. Its skills on necessary adaptations in schooling for pupils with disabilities gives INS HEA a role of advising and technical and methodological support recognized in this field.

INS HEA represents France for the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education.

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