ENS Louis Lumière

The National Film, Photography & Sound Engineering School - dedicated to providing pre-professional training for the audiovisual industries.

ENS Louis-Lumière offers theoretical, practical, technical and artistic education and training for those wishing to go into the various branches of the audio-visual industry. Run under the auspices of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, it offers a state-funded course at postgraduate level leading to a nationally-recognized Masters diploma.

The school also conducts applied research in film and video, photography and sound.

Founded in 1926, inspired by figures such as Louis Lumière and Léon Gaumont, the school was a pioneer in film and photography education.

In 2013, the school opened an « equal opportunities » class as a support to the preparation of its entrance examination and founded an international centre offering English internship for professionals, foreigners, and French students.

ENS Louis Lumière
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140, rue du Chevaleret
75013 Paris

Phone : 01 42 78 51 83